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Home to the co-creators of Desirable Futures.

Futur/io is the leading institute for exponential innovation and desirable futures – empowering decision-makers to become long term change-makers.


Our Vision

We believe in a future where ideas, innovation and business drive a regenerative economy that benefits people and the planet.

Our goal is to create the most impactful network of futurists, innovators, business leaders, creatives and activists dedicated to building, shaping and democritising desirable futures.

We specifically speak of multiple futures, because we believe in a systemic approach that addresses the futures of all fields and sectors — the future of education, of work, of technology,  mobility, medicine, agriculture, et. al.

The world is evolving. Technology is advancing. Change is inevitable. It is our responsibility to steer it towards resilient, regenerative, desirable futures.

Our Community

Our community consists of humans dedicated to shaping a better future for our planet, society, and generations to come.

We started building this community at our on-site CxO Executive Programmes back in 2017. The founding members included world-class lecturers in innovation, sustainability and future-thinking, as well as a network of business leaders and impact-makers. 

As of 2020, we’ve been expanding our international network online with visionary, future-focussed thinkers from across various countries, industries and job seniority levels, all working towards the common goal of shaping desirable futures.

We connect regularly at online events and within our Futur/io platform

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The Team

Curator & CEO


Head of Marketing

Head of Communications

Event Management

Co-Curator & Event Management

Communications & Social Media

Product Lead

Web Developer

Head of Operations

Futur/io Advisors

Gerhard Blechinger 1
Gerhard Blechinger

Rector, University of Applied Sciences, Salzburg

CEO, De Drifft Ventures
Partnerships & New Finance
Former CEO, BSH AG Regenerative Economy

CEO, Bionic Corporation Global Strategy & Innovation

Ricardo Mesquita

Head of Executive Programme, NOVA University

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