Wake-up Call

Wake-Up Call #2:
for Sustainable Innovators

Free Online Event | September 30 | 9:30 am CEST

How Can Breakthrough Technologies help us achieve the SDGs

The alarm clock’s ringing, and there’s no time to snooze.

Our last wake-up call took a deep dive into sustainable futures, with insights from the Climate Code Red ICC report, and action steps from industry experts.

This month, we’re taking it a step further and unpacking innovation & technology as catalysts for achieving the UNSDGs. What potential is there to be maximised? What are some of the challenges? How do we address these challenges?

Join us on September 30, at 9:30 am CEST for our second wake-up call with special guests, a panel of experts, and audience Q&A!

Stay tuned — more details soon… 

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Meet the Speakers

Our Wake-Up Call speakers consist of selected futurists, innovators, creatives and business leaders with years of experience running successful Moonshots and SDGs projects. They have been at the forefront of Futur/io Programmes, and will share with you their insights…….. 


Harald is passionate about meaning in technology, the future of exponential technologies and its opportunities for society, brands and entrepreneurs – especially in Europe.

Together with an inspiring futurist faculty, he is launching a new platform for innovation leaders to help co-create desirable futures.

Ieva Sibilla Strupule is a Latvian born Global citizen, having lived in 6 countries. She’s a serial startup entrepreneur, advisor and speaker recognized as a Global Shaper by the World Economic Forum. 

Ieva’s background is in Big Data Structuring, IT, Finance and Travel. She’s passionate for the future of education, circular economy and sustainability.

Martin crafts future outlooks, strategies and products, designs and runs innovation frameworks to find out what’s next for SAP and the future of work.

He was named 1 of 100 most innovative minds in Germany by the biggest financial newspaper Handelsblatt in March 2017.


Tomas Diez, is a Venezuela-born Urbanist specialized in digital fabrication and its implications in the future of cities and society.

He is the founder of the Fab City Research Laboratory at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia where he also is tutor in design for digital fabrication.

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The Inspiration...

Technology is evolving exponentially. 

Our climate is deteriorating rapidly.

How can we use the former to offset the latter? This is the discourse we intend to open during our live wake up call. 

We’re looking at latest developments in the tech world, evaluating the potential of innovation techniques and methodologies, and adressing the possibilites when directed towards the common goal of combating climate change to shape desirable, sustainable futures — for our planet, society, and generations to come. 



Developing new ideas methods and products

Moonshot Mindset

Radical solutions for big problems

Sustainable Development Goals

The blueprint to a better and more sustainable future for all

Emerging Technologies

Radically novel and relatively fast growing innovations

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