Futur/io | Red Bull Futur/io picks 21 disruptive people whose ideas just might save the world
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Red Bull Futur/io picks 21 disruptive people whose ideas just might save the world

Press Release



Hamburg/Salzburg (February 18, 2019) – Red Bull and Futur/io Institute announced the finalists of Red Bull Futur/io, a competition inviting creative minds and storytellers from around the globe to imagine and shape desirable futures. Of the 955 entries, 21 winners were selected to attend the Red Bull Futur/io Academy, this March in Lisbon, Portugal.


Click here to view videos from all finalists.


Much of the technology that runs the world we live in today began as remarkable, disruptive, and often far-fetched ideas from long ago—in the literary works of Jules Verne and Isaac Asimov, and sci-fi classics ranging from Minority Report to The Jetsons. The future visited inBack to the Future is now four years old, and this year, 2019, marks the setting of the 1982 classic, Blade Runner. Sci-fi envisioned technologies like smart watches, hoverboards, and video conferencing have already been realized today, while others, like time traveling cyborg assassins thankfully have not. But what will our real future look like? Will it be as dystopian as those envisioned in the Terminator and Matrix movies, or something brighter and more hopeful?That’s what Red Bull Futur/io set to find out.


Students, scholars, dreamers, and visionaries from around the world were invited to share their visions of the future, submitted in the form of 60 second videos, to be judged in the categories of Desireable Future, Creative Storytelling, and Insipiring Visions. The winning 20 entries were chosen by a panel of judges, all esteemed authorities within their areas of expertise including futurism, filmmaking, storytelling, and design. Nick Sun from Ukraine’s video ‘We Create Future’ was also selected as the ‘People’s Choice Wildcard’ chosen via a public vote on the Red Bull Futur/io website.


Successful submissions depict everything from a world where space travel is a reality, shared transportation is the norm, lifelong education replaces our current educational systems and of a life without borders or states; where everyone is a citizen on humanity.


Jarod Neece, Senior Film Programmer SXSW, and a member of the Red Bull Futur/io jury, commented on the submissions received.
“It was really fun to see everyone’s take on the future and see what modern day problems theyareinterestedinfixingandwheretheyseeusinadecade. Ilovedthemixofliveactionandall the different styles of animation from experienced filmmakers, students and storytellers.“


Winners will unite at Red Bull Futur/io Academy, a 3-day summit of academics, futurists and disruptive minds in Lisbon, Portugal (March 21-24, 2019). The event will include workshops and discussions on future scenarios, storytelling, and exponential technologies. Participants will have the chance to develop and fine-tune their concepts with key thought leaders within this community and attend workshops on topics like the perfect pitch, technology in films, and idea visualization.


On the final day of the academy participants will have the opportunity to pitch their final concepts to the jury for a chance to turn their vision into a professional Red Bull Media House production.


For more information please visit Red Bull Futur/io.
For the full list of jury members, click here.


Full list of Red Bull Futur/io finalists:


Oprea Cătă 2030 In My Vision Romania
Anna Trepez No Borders Ukraine
Mark Viet


GREENTOPIA Czech Republic
Roman Malov


What If Country Borders Disappear? Czech Republic
Dmytro Schebetyuk


Red Bull Futur/io Dostupno.UA Ukraine
Jeff Dolan


Envision A Future. US
Cristian Loan


We All Share The Same Dreams, But. Germany
Hanna Drobir This Is My Future // Hannah To Go Austria
Aniket Chatterjee


Aniket Chatterjee – Mars 2035 India
Peter Jones


Red Bull Futur/io Nanoearth 2030 Germany



Leviathan Russia
Samuel Caplan Red Bull Futur/io 2019 US
Jeremy Legardeur Apolis Planeta France
Alex Oberegger Realife: Education. Reinvented Italy
Juliette Victorin 2B Red Bull Futur/io France
Baptiste Achard Slow My Action – ESTIA STUDENTS France
Gleb Feldman “Life Is Now” Ukraine
Maria Fernanda Rocha Angeles Being Project Mexico
Jibran Tahir Dr. Samanth Pakistan
Bram Koopman The Future Of Dating Netherlands
Nick Sun – People’s Choice Wildcard We Create Future Ukraine


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Press Contact:

Ms. Marie Troester
Futur/io Institute


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Red Bull Futur/io is hosted in partnership with Futur/io, an education and research institute focused on exponential technologies and desirable futures, offering executive trainings, curating bespoke ideation experiences, and conducting future scenario research – all to support inspired leadership in exponential times.


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