Executive Programme


April 26-28, 2023 │ H-FARM




Leaders in Sustainable Innovation



Learn from world-class speakers, futurists, sustainable innovators and leaders at H-FARM, Venice. Expand your network in the perfect environment for creativity, cross-pollination, future thinking and innovation.


About the Programme

We need a jump start into a new understanding of how we do business that is serving future generations –
and how we develop in a planet-centric leadership approach towards a Regenerative Economy.

Through innovative workshops, talks & activities guided by our top-level speakers and facilitators, our Venice Executive Programme will cover the keys needed for a sustainable social-economic paradigm shift and deep-dive into the topics of Sustainable Fashion, Food Systems, Sustainable Manufacturing, Energy and Regenerative Economy.

Venue: H-FARM

Founded in January 2005 as the first incubator in the world, H-FARM is the most important innovation platform in Italy, aiming at providing young people and companies with the best skills to face future challenges.

The H-FARM Campus is home to the largest and most important innovation hub in Europe, able to accommodate up to three thousand people. It is conveniently located just minutes away from Venice, with a total surface area of 51 hectares, 28 of which are publicly accessible parkland.

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Sustainable Fashion

The fashion industry is responsible for about 10% of humanity’s carbon emissions; water pollution and human rights violations. How can brands develop environmentally and economically sustainable business and production models?

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Food systems are responsible for about 70% of fresh water consumption, 60% of biodiversity loss, and up to a third of human greenhouse gas emissions. But food systems can also be regenerative for the land and communities.

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Sustainable Manufacturing

From air and water contamination, to land destruction and more, the environmental impacts of manufacturing are vast. But manufacturing is essential for our societal and economic development. How are manufacturers tackling the challenge?

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Globally, the use of energy represents the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions from human activities. The burning of fossil fuels for energy alone is linked to about two thirds of global greenhouse gas emissions – yet the alternatives are vast, and it’s time to invest in them.

Confirmed Speakers

Ricardo Donadon
Riccardo Donadon

Founder & Chairman, H-FARM

Teresa Hernandez Innovation Manager CLC West
Teresa Hernández

Innovation Manager – EIT Manufacturing West

Nicola Tagliafierro
Nicola Tagliafierro

Head of Sustainability, Enel X

Photo of Mattia Rosati
Mattia Rosati

CSO, De Longhi

nikolas bradford
Nikolas Bradford

Head of Sustainability Services, MHP

Marc Buckley
Marc Buckley

United Nations Advisor, SDG Advocate

Aurora Chiste
Aurora Chiste

Founder, Maakola

Cveta Majtanovic

Chief Sustainability Officer, Rubber Conversion │ Board Member, UN Compact (Italy)

Maks Giordano Futurio Institute 1024x683 1
Maks Giordano

Futurist, Futur/io

Harald Neidhardt 2
Harald Neidhardt

Curator & CEO, Futur/io Institute

Nierika Hamaekers

Learning Coach & Facilitator

Orphelie Dubois
Ophélie Dubois Marteau

Facilitator & Coach, Ophélie Dubois Studio

What's included

futurio siegel FF white
For the Futur/io Fellows, we offer a discounted price of 995€. To learn all about the Futur/io Fellowship and become a fellow, check out our fellowship page.

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February 27, 2023

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The Location

H-Farm is located at a 15 minute car-ride from Venice airport, and 50 minutes train-ride from Venezia Mestre train station.

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