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The Future Game

Create any scenario with our
future roles and jobs

The Future Game is a role playing game to explore the future through various roles humans could carry out soon. The roles are inspired by trends and developments which have an impact on what jobs and roles we need people to fill in. For example we might need a “Space Coach” when we explore more and more planets.


The Future Game combines sci-fi-storytelling, future thinking, and fictional characters to help people to think more critically, brave, and open-hearted towards the future. Futures can be created by anyone, this game wants to challenge those who need a little inspiration and some ideas how bright and creative our futures can be.

How to Play

1. Create teams of maximum 4 members per team.


2. Shuffle the cards and let everyone draw one card.


3. Read the roles. Afterwards, talk about it for 5 minutes in each group.


4. Download our Future Game questionnaire and think of a world in 2050 by answering several questions. Discuss this for 30 minutes.


5. Present your world as small text, graphic novel, lego creation, or any outcome you feel good and right with.


6. In any case, have fun and enjoy an imaginable journey into the future.

Download The Future Game Questionnaire here.

Meet some of the roles

Inspire us!

Do you have own ideas for future roles and jobs? Great! Share them with us and it might happen that we publish them in the next edition.

The creators & authors of The Future Game

Felix M. Wieduwilt
Tech-Philosopher & Author

felix (at) futur.io

Friederike Riemer
Future Scientist

friederike (at) futur.io

Do you want to start some futures? Request a workshop or buy the game.

The Future Game Questionnaire & Canvas

This questionnaire helps you to create several futures by using it with the roles from the The Future Game.


Use it in workshops and let you guide by advanced facilitators to play further and explorer future scenarios.

Free Download

Executive Programme

November, 20-22

This programme will help you to become fully versed in creating Moonshots & Desirable Futures for your company by applying exponential technologies. Upon completion, you will be equipped with the foundations necessary to steer the dialogue and to mastermind technologically-informed strategies.

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