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Leader in Sustainable Innovation & Execution

Lead the sustainable transition to build businesses that deliver value to people, planet and profit

Programme Highlights

40+ World-Class Experts

Duration: 8 Weeks

Start date: July 2021

15 mins/day

Futur/io certification

Online self-placed learning

About the Programme

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We believe that everyone can contribute to make their working and living environments more sustainable. We aim to allow our participants to develop empathy for future action through insight-oriented learning. 

Over 8 weeks you will be learning from the best 40+ world-class experts, in 15 min classes and gain a unique understanding of business to accelerate your career, launch, or scale your own business.

This programme will provide students with the ability to become a leader for sustainable transition. Influential change-makers educate in sustainable development, innovation, futurism, corporate strategy and impactful leadership.

Why This Programme Is for You

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  1. Gain a competitive advantage by aligning your company towards the SDGs by 2030.
  2. Enrich your network of motivated, like-minded change makers
  3. Adapt & develop your sustainability-mindset to shift the culture of your business implementing real changes.
  4. Become the leader of tomorrow: Increase hire-ability & future-proof your job

What You Will Learn

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  • Eight modules over eight weeks. 15 minutes of video learning per day
  • Online lectures are focused on self-study & community features to foster rich networks
  • Learnings will be solidified with short quizzes, assignments and other resources after each lesson

Who You will learn from

Our faculty is composed of 40+ world-class experts such as:

11 2

Climate Adaptation Director, UNFCCC – The United Nations Climate Change Secretariat

6 3

Chief Innovation & Initiatives Officer of World Humanitarian Forum; Innovation Team, WHO

9 2

Full Member of the Club of Rome; Author, Co-Founder, AQAL Capital

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Curator & CEO, Futur/io Institute

7 2

Senior Advisor, UNITAC; Professor at HafenCity University, Hamburg

8 2

Moonshot Ambassador & Advisor, Google (X)

10 2

UNSDG Advocate


CEO & Founder, Climate Policy Radar; Visiting Fellow, LSE, Grantham Research Institute

This Programme is for…

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Purpose-Driven Professionals

You will get equipped with sustainability skills and frameworks needed to implement climate risk management, incorporate sustainability and inclusion into your business models, champion SDGs across your organisation and create strategies to nurture early-stage innovation and innovators.

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Leaders and Entrepreneurs

You will learn how to come up with breakthrough innovations in order to find solutions for the most pressing challenges of our time.

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Students, Recent Graduates and Future Change-makers

You will learn the skills that are needed for the future of work. Current education tools are not addressing the challenges of today nor the practical skills needed to tackle challenges of tomorrow. Innovation, problem-solving, originality and social influence are just some of the top 10 job skills for the future. 

Futur/io Ecosystem

Global Network for Learning & Execution

Be part of our community of change-makers & experts