Sustainability Leaders Survey

Checking the pulse of Sustainability Leadership in 2022

Find out the latest trends on sustainable leadership in regards to ESG reporting and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


About the Survey

At Futur/io, we believe that the UN Sustainable Development Goals have set an unprecedented benchmark for the world-leading economies; a compass we should all be following, an ultimate scope for businesses to grow into.

Part of our commitment to co-create regenerative, desirable futures, is to align in a common understanding of what a fair and sustainable world means, whilst respecting the diversity of visions, industries and sectors. In some way, that is what the SDGs represent to us: a pathway, a guiding compass that shapes our decisions and reframes the way we do business.

As one of Europe’s most impactful tribes of Sustainability Leaders, we’ve created this survey to better understand where we currently stand, collectively, in regards to SDGs and ESG taxonomy, as well as what challenges current Sustainability Leaders in business face – so we can better envision our current scenario and find the means to accelerate change, together.

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