Futur/io | Venice / October, 9-11, 2019
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Venice / October, 9-11, 2019

/CxO Executive Programme 2019

Futur/io invites 50 selected CxOs that are eager to drive forward the digital agenda: European leaders who think bolder about a better tomorrow with exponential opportunities and social responsibility. We will


  • Teach the innovation of the future: Moonshot Thinking
  • Reconsider Europe as powerhouse between 
China and USA
  • Give access to a new movement of leading future thinking companies
  • Teach new technologies for the markets of the future
  • Empower you and your company to create a desirable future
  • Strengthen collaboration for better environments


This Executive Programme is invite only.

/Our Mission

Accelerate European Leadership


Futur/io invites individual selected CxOs to build a platform for European leaders that will shape our innovative & resilient future in disruptive times.


We help curious minds to stay ahead of the curve to accelerate life-long learning, cross-pollinate ideas with innovative leaders & faculty mentors, exchange feedback among peers, co-create a trusted & exclusive network and unlock the potential in their quest for a better tomorrow


The CxO Executive Programme takes place at H-Farm, close to Venice. It cultivates tech talents the way other farms grow crops. H-Farm is a digital platform which helps young people and new born companies to move their business into a digital way of thinking.


The „Medici House of the 21st Century“ is a perfect environment to deepen our skills and knowledge for future challenges.

/Impressions of the Past CxO Executive Programme

/Contact Persons

Christiane Gillissen
Attendee Contact & Partner Management
christiane (at) futur.io
+49 160 966 529 78

Felix M. Wieduwilt 
Programme Office & Faculty Contact
Felix (at) futur.io
+49 151 4041 2719

Founding Partners



April, 10-12



June, 19-21



February, 6-8


Other locations scheduled in 2019 include Copenhagen/Malmö.