Futur/io | Salzburg / February 6-8, 2019
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Salzburg / February 6-8, 2019

/Executive Programme on Exponential Technologies 004

By attending this programme, you will gain recourses and knowledge to craft your own exponential technology and Desirable Futures ventures based on our Moonshot Framework. You will leave the programme equipped with the foundations to actively steer your strategy instead of just follow others.


This programme examines current and emerging exponential technologies in detail and brings them into context with markets, industries, society, and consumer experiences. Thereby, we will expose core elements, principles, and basic frameworks to equip you with tools, strategies, and knowledge to moonshot Desirable Futures.




Find the agenda below.

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/Key Takeaways

A detailed understanding of exponential technologies markets, and the strategies needed to master them. You will also gain the mental tools and frameworks required to predict and leverage technological developments anywhere in the world.

The ability to draft moonshot strategies and develop disruptive innovations based on our Moonshot Framework and the Art of Moonshot Thinking. We offer appropriate tools, techniques, and hypothesise about the effect of a new technology will have on future markets and your company development.

A certificate from Futur/io institute to certify successful completion of the programme as well as our latest book “Moonshots for Europe”; a validation of your fresh knowledge and skills. With the certificate, you get an invitation to the exclusive alumni and faculty network community.



Why Exponential Technologies?


Exponential technologies affect every industry much more comprehensive than any other technological shift in human history before. The term ‘exponential’ describes a global phenomenon which shifts the trajectory of social development from linear to exponential. That means, once an exponential technology reaches the point of no return the change is inevitable and therefore disruptively immersive for corporations and society.


Having this in mind, we have the chance to shape Desirable Futures for all of us based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) defined by the UN.


Our programme helps you to become fully educated using exponential technologies and the Art of Moonshot Thinking to create moonshots and Desirable Futures for your company and our society.

Day 1



Happy Hour, Snacks & Registration


Module 1 – Intro on “Ideas for the Future of Europe” hosted by FH Salzburg, University of Applied Sciences


The opening lecture interweaves exponential technologies, Desirable Futures, and Moonshots for Europe, and will provide attendees with an understanding of the fundamental structure of this new kind of thinking and its importance for the European community. This orientation sets the stage for the next courses.


Networking & Dinner

Day 2

Module 2 – Right from the Moonshot Factory: What is a Moonshot?


A moonshot is visionary and ambitious idea which will grow exponentially and remain relevant over the next 10 to 20 years. Guiding a project through an uncertain future and convincing the right people to collaborate requires strong arguments, deep knowledge, and the right tools. The attendee will receive knowledge about real moonshot projects as well as the power of exponential technologies.


This module answers the following questions:


/What is the definition of a Moonshot Project, and what are some examples?
/3 Horizons: How may I use them strategically?
/How can I deal with uncertainty?
/Which is the anticipated impact on society and business?
/Is there a Moonshot for every type of business?


Workshop – Apply Moonshot Thinking and work with the Futur/io Moonshot Framework


In this workshop, the attendees will create their own Moonshots based on our Moonshot Framework. Moonshot Thinking is the capability to think exponentially into the future and define a vision. You will learn to accept uncertainty and give any idea a chance to be a good idea. Any idea or future scenario can come true when the relevant technology arrives; it is better to think of the future now than wait until competitors have done it instead. Moonshot Thinking also means that there are many Desirable Futures you can help shape.


Panel Discussion – New Mobility


How will the mobility of future look like? This closing panel will set a discussion about self-driving cars, electricity, and services offered inside a future car. As being mobile on long distances mobility is the most important function of the modern human being to be actively alive. We’ll also look behind earth’s limitations and think about a potential Mars Village.



Day 3

Module 4 – Corporate & Startup view: The impact of exponential technologies on key industries 


Exponential technologies are rapidly accelerating and shaping major industries and all aspects of our lives. Business leaders often disregard or do not notice technologies during their deceptively slow growth phases, and continue to neglect them until they begin to change the way we live and do business. Learn from industry leaders how these new technologies are impacting and will continue to impact enterprise intelligence, AI, creativity, and SMEs.



/How do they keep flexible during product innovation?
/How do evaluate and investigate business cases?
/What can startups learn from corporates and vice versa?
/How much funding is necessary to employ exponential technologies?


Workshop: The next 4 steps towards your Moonshot by Deloitte


After attendees have spotted Moonshots they must start to execute them. This effort is long journey with a lot of challenges and obstacles. Here you learn how to overcome these challenges and what it needs to work on a future which is yet uncertain today.


Presentation of Moonshots – Vernissage


Module 6 – Closing Discussion Moonshot Thinking


We’ll reflect on the Art of Moonshot Thinking with our attendees. The attendees get the chance to ask questions and receive thereby knowledge which was not pre-scheduled by Futur/io. The more you ask Why you more you will understand the Art of Moonshot Thinking.


Certificate celebration & books for all 


After flooding your brain with much information, fresh knowledge, and strategies, we give you a space to ask, do, and create whatever you want in conjunction with our faculty and the other attendees.


/Discuss questions, ideas, and doubts
/Ask for consultation on your specific challenge
/You have a first strategy in mind you would like to get feedback on? Great, this is your time!


Closing Dinner (Optional)
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/Confirmed Speakers & Faculty

Friederike Riemer (née Korte)
Co-Creation Future Scientist

Alex Rodríguez
Knowledge Network Curator, Telefónica Alpha

Nicolai Andersen
Chief Innovation Officer, EMEA, Deloitte

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Blechinger
Rector, University of Applied Sciences, Salzburg

Harald Neidhardt
CEO & Curator, Futur/io

Maks Giordano
Co-Founder, Kreait

Lennart Brand
Managing Director, Leadership Excellence Institute Zeppelin

Dr. Torsten Wingenter
Founder, Digital Catalysts

Roxy Guellmeister
Architect, Analyst & Innovator at Specialist Modelling Group, Foster + Partners

Torsten Kriening
Chief Commercial Officer, PTScientists

Matthias Weissl
Co-Founder & CEO, Verum Capital

Matthias Röder
CEO, Herbert von Karajan Institut Salzburg

Monika Smith
Founder, Santiago Berlin GmbH

Claas Nieraad
Managing Director, New Commercial Room GmbH

Kathrin Haug
Managing Director, Deloitte Garage GmbH

Leo Fellinger
Chief Creative Officer, Porsche Austria

Jeremy Abbett
Creative Evangelist

Gianfranco Pizzuto
CEO, Scuderia-E GmbH

Carolin Güthenke
Head of Marketing Communications & Brand Management smart (Daimler AG)

/Impressions of the Event

/Contact Persons

Christiane Gillissen
Attendee Contact & Partner Management
christiane (at) futur.io
+49 160 966 529 78

Felix M. Wieduwilt 
Programme Office & Faculty Contact
Felix (at) futur.io
+49 151 4041 2719

Founding Partners



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June, 19-21



October, 9-11


Other locations scheduled in 2019 include Copenhagen/Malmö.