Futur/io | Copenhagen & Malmö / November 20-22, 2019
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Copenhagen & Malmö / November 20-22, 2019

/Executive Programme 007

By attending the Executive Programme you will gain resources and knowledge to craft an own Moonshot venture – we want to un-learn your current state of mind and help you to receive a totally new way to think futures. You will leave the programme equipped with the foundations to actively steer your personal strategy instead of just follow others. Moonshot Thinking will be a core element of the programme. 


Our intense courses will transform your mind and heart to be ready to make an impact on this planet. It gives your perfect arguments to convince your team and colleagues to go a step further and make the unthinkable possible: Desirable Futures for all of us. Over the course of 2.5 days you will work on your own Moonshot Challenge in a setting of co-creation and future thinking energies. 


Key takeaways:

Inspiring Talks
Get a comprehensive understanding about exponential technologies, and insight on proven Moonshot projects. Learn from the failures of others, and understand the success factors in the new ecosystem of the digital age.

Exclusive Networking
Extend your cross-industry network with like minded, forward-thinking CxOs, Founders and Futurists. Find synergies for the success of your company and draft Moonshot strategies in the European corporate context.

Enriching Workshops
Acquire the tools and techniques needed to develop and execute Moonshot strategies and disruptive innovations based on Futur/io’s Moonshot Framework – and how to play an active role in building desirable futures.

Relaxed Atmosphere
Experience our exclusive, casual atmosphere and relaxed stage, which foster a deep state of optimism, inspiration and motivation. Discover new insights while walk-and-talk sessions with peers from other industries.


Harald Neidhardt

CEO & Curator


Marie Wall

Deputy Director Startups

Swedish Ministry of Enterprise

Miikka Leinonen

Strategic Innovation Advisor, ghost company

Ida Faldbakken

Co-founder / Creative Director, Katapult

Thomas Madsen-Mygdal

Chairman, TechFestival &

CEO, Twenty Three

Elena Malathaka

Ph.D. Candidate

KTH, Stockholm

Marc Buckley

UN SDG Advocate & WEF expert network

Jeremy Abbett

Creative Evangelist

Jesper Schleimann

Digital Transformation Officer, SAP EMEA North

Pernilla Lavesson

Community & Business Developer

Media Evolution

Magnus Thure Nilson


Media Evolution

Julie Reindl 

Cultural Researcher


Pernilla Isberg

COO, BioVentureHub

Astra Zeneca

Jeff Risom

Chief Innovation Officer

Gehl Architects

Yasemin Orhan Modéer

CEO, Altitude Meetings

Skane Region

Chris Shern


Return of the Vikings


Day 1

16.00 – Registration, Coffee & networking (KLUB, Copenhagen)


17.00 – Introductory Lectures Session


Welcome to Futur/io

Introduction to “Moonshots for Europe” and the agenda & workshops.


TechFestival – The Copenhagen letter & The Tech Pledge

“Tech has fundamentally changed our world. Where we go from here is up to us.”


The Nordic Way to Innovation

45-min Panel discussion


18.30 – Happy Hour & Finger Food  (Klub)


20.00 – End of Day One / Walk to Hotels

Day 2

09:00 – Registration, Coffee & Networking

SAP Customer Experience Center, Copenhagen


9:45 – Morning Lecture
Introduction to Moonshots for Europe
In the opening session of the programme, we highlight some of the most discussed themes & challenges of today – and introduce the theme of Moonshots for Europe.


10:00 – Lecture
SAP and the Future of actionable SDGs
The urgency for corporations to adapt in light of the climate crisis and the impact of exponential technologies on our society. Introduction to the work of SAP and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


10:20 – Lecture & Panel
The Biggest Moonshot of all
The agenda setting session on climate change frames includes the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as a framework to work towards desirable futures.


10:50 – Joint Q&A


11:00 – Break


11:30 – Lectures
OKRs and the Moonshot OS
An introduction to achieve mission based moonshot goals by using the OKR method.


Back to Nature

The impact of stillness – a lecture from the curator of Katapult Festival (Norway).


Nordic Moonshot Thinking & Impact Organisations

Copenhagen based Gehl Architects started with a Moonshot to focus on public spaces, their innovative design approach lead them to work on innovative food systems & human centric masterplans for civic communities.


Panel Discussion 


13.00 – Lunch Break (SAP Cantina)


14.00 – Workshop

Moonshot Thinking
With the use of the Futur/io Moonshot Canvas, all participants will work through a guided session to co-create Moonshots and experience a new version of our unique Moonshot Thinking method and canvas. The aim is to train Moonshot Thinking, use co-creation as a Moonshot success factor and ideate concrete Moonshot ideas.


18.00 – Group Photo & Happy Hour (Balcony & SAP coffee shop) 


19.00 – Transfer to Malmö

Walk & Talk Workshop 
Walk & Talk is an open format giving the opportunity for trustful exchange. Here you can discuss some of the topics of the programme so far, as well as generate ideas or talk about hurdles and success factors of leadership in exponential and disruptive times.

Day 3

9.30 – Morning registration and coffee (Media Evolution, Malmö)


10.00 – Opening Lectures

Media Evolution, The Conference & Malmö

Our hosts welcome us to Media Evolution, a community platform that fosters digital innovation and growth by providing the perfect environment for knowledge sharing, ideation and collaboration.


The Swedish Entrepreneur & Startup Ecosystem

Introduction into the Swedish innovation ecosystem of startups and corporate innovation leaders.


10.30 – Morning Keynote

Disruptive Innovation & Industry Convergence
Health and the medical and pharmaceutical ecosystem are going through a huge transformation. When Astra Zeneca charged a team to develop an open innovation ecosystem they placed a new innovation lab in the center of the Gothenburg campus and started to collaborate with startups. Now other corporates start to adopt the model.


11.00 – Break


11.30 – Lecture
Living Lab Method

Living Lab approach is a new way of innovation, defined as user-centered, open innovation ecosystems based on a systematic user co-creation approach, integrating research and innovation processes in real life communities and settings. Living Labs are approaches based on change management, fast prototyping of services, co-creation and other innovation management systems. They are practice-driven organizations that involve real-life environments or arenas, where both open innovation and user innovation processes can be studied and subjected to experiments and where new solutions are developed.


12.00 – Interactive Session
Monday Morning Map

After all the inspiring insights and workshops now is the time to focus on tips and hints on how to start your moonshot mission on Monday


13.00 – Lunch


14.20 – Ignite Talk

Designing for the Purpose Generation
A young voice from an ambitious, self-fulfilling generation with their hearts in the right place. Their values: sustainability, experience, individualisation, authenticity and happiness. An international journey about meaningful and creative futures – spanning the Americas, Asia and Europe.


14.30 – Panel

Leadership & Corporate Culture

Malmö and the Skane Region are not only home to innovative global brands and corporates, they also feature a new startup ecosystem. In this panel we will exchange ideas and learnings from the influencers that bridge their experiences to the bigger metropolitan area and beyond.


15.00 – Un-Conference format
Closing Session

Now is the time if you like to engage with other participants on your own. You like to discuss an urgent question or is there still an ignite talk in you, that can inspire an interesting dialogue? Grab a coffee and find a corner and an audience to contribute to the programme.


16.00 – Happy Hour
Certificates Celebration 


17.00 – Departure 

/Impressions of Past Events



Felix Segebrecht
Business Development
felix.segebrecht (at) futur.io
+49 171 548 1561


Marie Tröster
Speaker Management
marie (at) futur.io
+49 177 231 4908


Mirja Trimbos
Participant Management
mirja (at) futur.io

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