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Pascal Weinberger

Pascal Weinberger

Head of Rapid Development & AI, Telefónica Alpha

“I am working towards a future where we can all have equal chances to pursue our goals in life, no matter what the birth-lottery gave you. I am working to build technologies that can help us get there! I am working towards understanding the greatest puzzles of all time—our brains—and using the insights gained to solve some of the world‘s most pressing problems!”



Pascal is a curious mind, mostly interested in understanding intelligence, so-called consciousness, and neuroscience in the context of intelligently acting, planning, feeling and thinking agents. He aims to help bridge the gap between machine learning and neuroscience in order to understand how the brain works and whenceforth build truly and generally intelligent machines. He hopes to be able to use the insights he gains in the process of learning for the good impact on humanity. Further academic interests include Maths (especially Discrete, Graph-Theory and multidimensional Analysis), Physics, String-Theory, and CS. Pretty much everything that makes you think and wonder about the beauty of nature. His dream is to be able to work towards a simple and complete theory of Intelligence.