Futur/io | Our Mission
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Our Mission

What is a Moonshot?

A good Moonshot Idea can’t be executed by tomorrow. The goal of a Moonshot is far beyond today’s stage of development and it focuses to shape Desirable Futures that might only come to full fruition in a decade from now. A Moonshot seems daring, bold – maybe even impossible – but it has the pull of a mission that aims beyond our horizon and common understanding.

1. Uses exponential technology breakthroughs of our time (or future) to turn global crises into desirable futures and abundance for all.


2. Defined financial impact, which is similar to 10x current business or significant savings.


3. Has an environmental and social impact based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


4. Offers a massive transformative purpose: greater good reaching far beyond your business – and follows a positive moral, ethical and dignity-based out come for every human being.


5. A huge, diverse group of people is affected, which goes beyond classic consumer target-group thinking.

We must trust that the Moonshot idea will succeed one day and work towards it in a state of uncertainty and transferring it into certainty. The comparison of the first moon mission helps to understand the crux. The idea to fly to the moon was probably on adventurous people’s minds since human being’s existence.


John F. Kennedy was the force behind the success to put a man on the moon. He pushed the American moon mission after the Russian successfully accomplished the challenge to send Yuri Gagarin as the first man in space to orbit the Earth. A month after this first space flight, John F. Kennedy convinced the American Congress and the nation to take action for an uncertain outcome.


He was right on time and daring to see what’s possible in the near future – if you set the right target and passionate narrative.

Why Moonshots for Europe?

While America and China have many visions for Moonshots and provide appropriate venture capital, Europe threatens to lose touch. We believe that we have the technologies, skills and minds in Europe to actively shape the future of businesses, Europe and the world. Futur/io brings these resources together and helps European companies design their own moonshot.

Become a Partner

Together we can achieve more. Our advantage is a strong faculty and an exclusive network of business partners. If you have your own project on Moonshots and Desirable Futures and you would like a longer-term support, feel free to contact us.

    Exclusive Book Launch Moonshots for Europe

    The art of Moonshot Thinking. Unveiled in Davos, January 2019 – written by the faculty of Futur/io Institute. Buckle up.


    Moonshot Canvas

    The toolset to launch your bold idea. Why are you still relevant in 10 years from now?

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