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Moonshot Thinking

Moonshot Thinking Canvas

Start your own moonshot today. Futur/io has developed its own Moonshot Canvas to give you the ability to identify the key resources and actions for your next big project.

How to use the Canvas?

This final tool – the Moonshot Canvas – helps you test your idea’s purpose and balance and it helps to keep the moonshot idea on track.


Moonshot Canvas is not a fill-in-the-boxes tool. It is natural for any idea to have stronger and weaker features and this canvas helps you to study your balance. Tech-focused ideas, for example, can have a strong financial impact but lack on the purpose side. On the other hand, a passion-driven idea may be weak on the financial side.


The Moonshot Rocket is ready for launch when social and environmental dimensions, the purpose of its journey, the greater good, the human being running the rocket, the right (exponential) technology as well as the financial impact and/or savings are fully balanced.


If the balance is off or you still lack some parts it is a sign to consider one more iteration with your group or external experts to reach a narrative that truly matches the definition of a moonshot.


Join our Executive Programmes or read our book, to learn more about the Moonshot Framework.

Moonshot Canvas

The toolset to launch your bold idea.

Why are you still relevant

in 10 years from now?

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This programme will help you to become fully versed in exponential technologies, and to create moonshots for your company. Upon completion, you will be equipped with the foundations necessary to steer the dialogue and to mastermind technologically-informed strategies.

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Executive Programme

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