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Moonshot Thinking Masterclass

Moonshot Thinking Masterclass


Certificate Online Executive Education


Creating bold & resilient strategies for corporate executives by honing their skills to co-create sustainable & desirable futures

Course Begin: September 14, 2020


Application Deadline: July 30 (for the first class)


Duration: 5 weeks, 4-5hrs/week


3 online video lectures per week

3 live workshops + intro & closing sessions

The faculty of the Futur/io Institute developed an online Executive Programme that helps you transform your mindset and to think bold like a futurist with the strategic capabilities of a businessperson. The interactive online environment is ideal for working professionals who want to immediately apply what you are learning to your work.


Infused with experiential learning opportunities, this Moonshot Thinking Masterclass features international experts and coaches who are renowned by professional experience in driving innovative moonshot projects.

Key Take-Aways

  • Get an introduction to running bold Moonshot projects
  • Discover the latest success factors in digital innovation and business transformation through digital ecosystems and exponential technology
  • Apply the expert insights via live-workshop group sessions
  • Equip yourself with an exponential and abundant mindset
  • Train to think like a futurist, and grow your mindset by cross-pollination

Exponential Innovation & Desirable Futures

The Futur/io mission is to empower corporate innovation leaders into becoming long-term change makers. Longterm change starts by adopting future literacy, forward thinking methods and resilient sustainability & purpose.


Acquire actionable insights and practical methodology that will equip you to drive forward desirable futures, by:


  • Certifying your position among forward-thinking leadership


  • Co-creating Moonshot Thinking with interactive workshops


  • Connecting with like-minded corporate executives & faculty

Moonshot Thinking Faculty

Our faculty is here to unlock your future-proof potential.

Pablo Rodríguez
Founding CEO
Telefónica Alpha

Maurice Conti
Former Chief Innovation Officer, Telefónica Alpha

Roxy Guellmeister
Associate Architect
Foster + Partners

Martin Wezowski

Chief Designer & Futurist


Tia Kansara, Ph.D.


Replenish Earth

Maks Giordano
Innovation Strategist
Futur/io Institute

Alexander Mankowsky

Daimler AG

Marc Buckley
SDG Advocate
United Nations

Jeremy Tai Abbett
Creative Evangelist

Dijana Galijasevic
Exponentially Human

Pascal Morgan


Julia von Winterfeldt




Melisa Arnautovic

LIV.in training & coaching

Harald Neidhardt
Curator & CEO
Futur/io Institute

Tia Kansara, Ph.D.


Replenish Earth

Academic Advisory Board & Curation

Ricardo Mesquita
Head of Immersive
Learning at IE XL
IE University, Madrid
Co-Founder, beta-i, Lisbon

Tia Kansara

Visiting Professor

Centre of Environment Planning & Technology
CEO, Replenish Earth

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Blechinger
Rector, University of Applied Sciences, Salzburg
Founder, Berlin School of
Sustainable Futures

Harald Neidhardt
Curator & CEO
Futur/io Institute

Become a future Leader for Purpose-Driven Missions

In these times of unprecedented change it is more important than ever that corporate leadership is aware of the drivers for future innovation and their opportunities.


In this Masterclass you will:

  • Master the skills needed to sustain strategic and Moonshot Thinking capabilities
  • Acquire the mindset and managerial levers needed to develop an innovative organisational culture in disruptive times
  • Equip yourself with a methodology to put Moonshot Thinking into action
  •  Learn how you can address resilience and SDG challenges with the tools of an open innovation ecosystem
  • Participate in live workshop sessions to apply the insights gained in your professional context
  •  Connect to your peers via the Futur/io alumni network & community

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