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Markus Durstewitz

Markus Durstewitz

Corporate Innovation, Airbus

“Today, the rapid changes in digital technologies and new disruptive business models impact the way we work and live. I want to raise awareness and understanding of the challenges and massive opportunities presented by these changes.”



Markus is inspired by nature. He loves outdoor activities and believes that nature is our greatest teacher. There are so many things to learn. The dream of flying is as old as mankind. He has always been passionate about aviation and space exploration. Markus is particularly interested in the collaboration and interaction between human and machine. Finally, it is the experience that creates the value.


With nearly 25 years in the aerospace industry, Markus had the chance to experience many different perspectives in key positions along the complete value chain of aviation. As an expert in new IT methods, he was involved in the early days of Augmented Reality applications and knowledge-based systems.


Today, further digitalization of industrial processes, sensor networks, big data, advanced analytics, robots and smart collaboration are on the agenda. He sees innovation as a viral approach and he knows that it is triggering the immune-system of the organization. Today, his mission is the establishment of a sustainable innovation culture and the operation of an effective innovation eco-system at Airbus, in order to benefit both the customer and the user, and to provide purpose in what we do.