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Maks Giordano

Maks Giordano

Co-Founder, Kreait

“After WWW and Mobile, Industries will be transformed by the exponential developments of technology as the third wave of digital disruption. In these times of hyper-innovation and hyper-growth, it becomes mandatory that we all learn the necessary skill sets to cope with this change.”



Maks Giordano is a digital strategist and creative with more than twenty years of experience in digital projects. He co-founded the digital consultancy kreait to create user-centric and highly relevant digital services and helping organizations with their digital transformation.
He is the former Head of Innovation at ProSieben and held executive positions at MetaDesign AG and ID Media AG. He published the first German Books about Usability and Mobile Business and is a judge at the Webby Awards.


Maks holds an MBA in Media & Communication from the University of St. Gallen.