Futur/io | Julia von Winterfeldt
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Julia von Winterfeldt

Julia von Winterfeldt

CEO & Founder, Soulworx

“My desirable future is one in which leaders have awakened! Awakened to their soul being. Everybody, every organisation, has soul – it’s about finding it. When we find our soul, we act with purpose. Purpose creates passion. Passion drives curiosity. Curiosity unravels the unknown. And the unknown propels both the individual as well as the organization to grow and evolve towards its purpose.”



Benefitting her curiosity for what is possible, Julia spent her first twenty working years in Digital Agency and Technology Consulting firms creating digital products and services for an array of multinationals, and was continually at the forefront of disruptive technological innovation. Amongst other positions, she led Unilever’s digital transformation, later was Managing Partner at Accenture Interactive and last stop, General Manager at AKQA Germany.


Today she is CEO and Founder of SOULWORX – a networked collective that encourages leaders to find their soul, reassess company purpose and culture, and to inspire their teams and employees to experiment with new transformative plays. Why? To ignite long-lasting positive change, drive growth and sustain innovation.


For Julia, ‘being human’ is the secret ingredient for desirable futures. Leading ourselves with deeper purpose, solidarity and presence, and re-humanizing organizations. It sounds so simple, yet it is the most complex task we have ahead of us.