Futur/io and Nova SBE Celebrate a New Partnership

Nova SBE, LIsbon Drone

It is with great honour that Futur/io institute  announces a new collaboration & partnership with Nova School of Business & Economics – the leading Portuguese business school, ranked 22nd in Executive Education in Europe by The Financial Times.

Futur/io and Nova SBE collaborated in hosting the Executive Programme on Regenerative Futures at the stunning university campus on the beach of Cascais – just outside Lisbon. 30+ international speakers, and participants from the leading CEOs of Portugal to corporate Chief Sustainability Officers from across Europe plus innovators from startups and scientist co-created in an immersive learning experience from June 29 to July 1.

“We believe in a future where ideas, innovation and business drive a regenerative economy that benefits people and the planet. We are proud to partner with the renowned Nova SBE and its brilliant faculty to help shape a new way of immersive learning and collaboration between corporate leaders and provocative high potentials with fresh ideas and urgency,” stated Harald Neidhardt, CEO & Curator of Futur/io Institute.

The partnership includes that Futur/io is providing training to up to hundred Nova SBE students with the Leader in Sustainable Innovation & Execution online course

The training programme features 50+ faculty members from global organisations like the United Nations Climate Change Secretariat or the UN World Food Programme; plus scientists, academic researchers and many startups and innovators. Students (and learners in corporate environments) get to know the humans that are already active today in addressing the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the important ESG (Environment Social and Governance) reporting standards.

The common goal of the partners is to equip the students with the understanding and skills needed to build regenerative futures through business, innovation & leadership. 

“NOVA SBE students are the leaders of tomorrow and it is our honour to help form and shape a people and planet-centric business leadership approach,” added Harald Neidhardt. Participants in the course are also invited to join the Futur/io Executive Programme at NOVA SBE.

To be a community dedicated to the development of talent and knowledge that impacts the worldis Nova’s missionwithout doubt a mission that is at the core Futur/io’s work as well. As Nova puts it:

“We were born out of disruption.

We were born to disrupt.”

And so was the Futur/io Institute and its international expert faculty members. 

About Nova School of Business & Economics

Located in Carcavelos / Cascais, a traditional and charming Portuguese fishing town at the Lisbon coastline, Nova School of Business and Economics is the leading business school in Portugal and one of the best business schools in the world, ranked #9 in Europe by the Financial Times.

The Carcavelos Campus combines academic quality with the lifestyle that Portugal – especially the Lisbon and Cascais region – has to offer: safe, cosy, near the sea, and accessible, in a country with history and culture. The campus gazes over the Carcavelos beach, with an area of more than 75,061 m2, low buildings and large open green spaces open to the community.

The school has recently ranked 22nd by the Financial Times ranking of the best European schools for Executive Education, out of a total of 95 educational institutions. In the words of Daniel Traça, Dean of Nova and one of the guest speakers of Futur/io’s Executive Programme for Regenerative Futures: “While we’re extremely proud of holding this position, it is also a great added responsibility to continue to distinguish ourselves for the quality we deliver in education, research, and the impact contribution we make towards a more sustainable and global society.”

You can see the full ranking list here.

About Futur/io Institute

Futur/io is the European institute for exponential innovation and desirable futures – empowering decision-makers to become long term change-makers.

Futur/io provides online and on-site executive education on Sustainability and Moonshot Thinking, customised Corporate Programmes and an exclusive Fellowship for decision makers in sustainability from the corporate world. Futur/io Fellows – the European Club for Leaders in Sustainable Innovation is more than just a network – it is a community dedicated to building, shaping and democratising regenerative futures. The Fellowship’s mission is to jointly accelerate the transition of large enterprises towards sustainability.

Futur/io believes in trust and human connection to make a meaningful impact. The faculty, fellows, students and the entire ecosystem of Futur/io consists of a broad range of sustainability leaders from the private sector, academics/scientists, NGOs and policy makers, inspirational minds, innovation experts and leaders on the making. 

About the Lisbon Executive Programme, June 29 – July 1

For 2,5 days, leaders in sustainable innovation from the corporate world got together in Lisbon and were guided by world-class thought leaders, futurists and sustainable innovators, through the latest approaches, best practises and innovations in Sustainable Cities, New Mobility, Energy, Ocean / Blue Economy, and Regenerative Economy.

Amongst a renowned line-up of speakers from across Europe, it is with great pleasure that the EP has featured Daniel Traça, Dean of Nova SBE, as well as Rui Coutinho, Executive Director of the Innovation Ecosystem. Other speakers shared learnings from corporates like Porsche, IKEA, Mercedes-Benz, Delta Coffee, edp, or innovative startups like Parley for the Ocean, Zouri Shoes, and experts in tokenization. Other speakers included authors, climate activists, film makers and leaders in maritime permaculture and sustainable cities.

Through immersive workshops, engaging talks & dynamic activities, sustainability leaders got together to learn and connect with each other as well as our faculty and speakers.

Find out more here.

Leader in Sustainable Innovation & Execution (LISIE)

The Futur/io online training programme for sustainable leadership LISIE is a self-paced course based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and guided by 50+ world-class experts from our faculty, where they provide exclusive content and learning material, including video lectures, case studies and quizzes to get everyone equipped to stay ahead of the sustainability demands of our planet and society.

LISIE aims to inspire and provide the tools organisations need to develop empathy for future action through insight-oriented learning. The course is designed for individuals seeking a deeper understanding of the UN SDGs and inspiration from current disruptive innovation and leadership tools, as well as teams aiming at fine tuning their sustainability efforts. 


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