Futur/io | Futur/io Fellows
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Futur/io Fellows


Join Us On Our Mission!

The Futur/io fellows are the change makers of Europe. They meet meet regularly at our Events, and are characterized by their bold thinking, positive mindset, as well as their will and power to create lasting change.


Together we’ll join forces to co-create a desirable & resilient future in exponential and disruptive times to evolve a free, fair and global world.

Your Fellowship includes:

Access to all of this years CxO executive programmes


VIP listing for our Davos reception during World Economic Forum 


Access to the bi-weekly Futur/io Lounge (online)


Field trip participation 


Access to the fellow and faculty network 


Listing on our Futur/io Fellow webpage

CxO Programme Impression

Become A Futur/io Fellow

The Futur/io Fellowship comes in two options: € 7.000 p.a., or € 5.000 p.a. with a 2-year commitment.


Your support will help the team to do our part in the curation, organisation and community outreach to make 2020 the beginning of a new and exciting decade that we shape together towards actionable innovation and Desirable Futures in Europe.


Become part of our purposeful network — together, let’s make change real!