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Become a Fellow – join one of Europe’s most impactful tribes co-creating regenerative, desirable futures.

Connect with sustainability peers to exchange practices, learn from each other and meet in unique experiences – in real life and our online community.

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We are not just a network. The Futur/io Fellowship is a Home for sustainability leaders

Through exclusive fellowship, we gather decision makers in sustainability from the corporate world. We bring amazing people together for thoughtful discussions and masterful experiences. Unique, personal and intimate. 

Our community is dedicated to building, shaping and democratising regenerative futures. Our mission is to jointly accelerate the transition of large enterprises towards sustainability.

We believe in trust and human connection to make a meaningful impact. 

Whom you will meet

Our community consists of sustainability leaders who are the decision-makers on the organisations’ UN SDG agenda. We help them to accelerate the impact of their actions in order to achieve the sustainability goals.

To bring relevant experiences and knowledge from the private sector, academics/science, NGOs and policy makers, we benefit from our world-renowned Faculty and network of sustainable innovation experts.

Fellowship is granted to sustainability decision-makers from leading European companies by invitation-only.

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Perks & Benefits

Having worked with C-suites & innovators for many years, we understand what is important to you and tailor the fellowships´ amenities around your needs.

Your fellowship includes


One free ticket per year

for an Executive Programme


Free Participation

in Davos WEF reception



Online Events


Discounted offers

for training courses


Online Community Platform

for extended interaction


Access to faculty

and keynote speakers

Your fellowship includes

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Have a look at our vibrant community

Why Becoming a Member?

Co-Creation (CC) / Peer-to-peer
We create TOGETHER, for and with peers. We aim for relevance and human connection. As a community, we invest, learn, create and have meaningful exchanges: what matters to us is to bring the community closer together, to scale our impact and accelerate change.

World – class Fellows & Faculty
For many years, we have brought together brilliant minds from different sectors & industries. We now leverage this unique experience and expertise to take our members’ sustainability efforts to the next level. 

The Fellowship is a safe space for sustainability leaders to build trusting relationships with peers in a private, immersive and dynamic environment.

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Why becoming a fellow?

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Peer-to-peer exchange

Together, fellows learn, create and have meaningful exchanges to scale their impact in sustainability and accelerate change. Because peers know their challenges.

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World-class fellows

Benefit from our unique network of high-level fellows and expertise of world-class faculty including scientists, artists, creatives and policy makers.

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Find a safe space to build trusting relationships with peers in a private, immersive and dynamic environment.

Join us!

Futur/io Fellowship is carefully curated by our stringent selection process. Following our high standards and intimate community approach, your application will be reviewed personally and we will reach out to you shortly. If we are a match, your membership can start right away.

We’d love to hear from you

If you have any questions on the fellowship or want to get to know us better contact us at any time.

Our community manager Alexa will be happy to speak in person to you.

Alexa Wirtz

Alexa Wirtz

Community Manager


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