Pascal Morgan

CEO, think.speak.transform.

In a world of constant change, what is our compass to help us navigate through complexity, on our journey into an uncertain future? Society, technology, business, and new ecosystems – what are our opportunities for building a sustainable future, and what are our greatest threats?

Futur/io faculty

Technology pioneer, creative thinker, passionate speaker, and cross-industry digital transformation advisor. Over 28 years in IT, Technology, Media, and Innovation as an Executive and strategist for Fortune 500 companies and industry leaders such as Coca-Cola, Deutsche Telekom, AOL, and Pixelpark.

He has experienced the rise of exponential technologies since the late 80s and early 90s. Throughout his career from top digital agencies to large corporations, from publishing, content, telecom to retail industries he dealt with the thread we all have in common: we are in the middle of a global, all encompassing, and accelerating transformation. With that comes a great responsibility on how we shape our future.

Pascal is now founder of think.speak.transform.: connecting, advising, researching, and internationally speaking on transformation, disruptive technologies, new business models as well as ethical challenges for a sustainable future. This includes guiding startups, companies, and corporations through times of constant change. He is also a senior mentor at Germantech, co-founder at the company builder United Peers, and previously Board Member and Chair of the Academy Commission at the European Technology Chamber. With a love for coffee, gadgets, and people.

Exemplary Speaking Topics:

  • Future Tech & Societal Impact
  • Ethics & Responsibility
  • Vision 2045: Macrotrends and Exponential Technologies
  • Corporates & Startus
  • Corporate Innovation
  • C-level and Management consulting & program delivery for holistic and sustainable Digital Transformation from HR, cultural training, process design to technology roadmap, business modeling, strategic direction and portfolio development.
  • Wide range of workshop formats and result driven delivery.

Expertise: Digital Transformation, Innovation Strategy, IT & Technology, Emerging Tech & Disruption, Business Development and Consulting, Program and Interim Management, Prototyping and Product Delivery, Communication Strategy, Leadership Training.

Industries: Telco, Internet, Media, Entertainment; E-Commerce, Publishing, Banking, FMCG/CPG, Retail.

Topics: AR & VR, AI, IPTV, UX, Design Thinking, Mobile, E-commerce, CRM, Triple/Quadruple Play, Big Data, M2M, Future Mobility, Portals, SoMe, Corporate 2.0, Content Distribution, Process Design, Platforms, Architecture, Product Development, New Business, Offshoring Strategy & Implementation, Agile Dev, Scrum, Bi-/Multi-Modal IT, Cloud, Data Privacy, Societal & Economic Sustainability.

As an integral part of the Faculty Pascal Morgan explains his data-driven approach to disruptive innovation in the Moonshot Thinking Masterclass, including:

  • Innovation & Transformation
  • Corporate Innovation
  • Society & Future Technology
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What’s your personal utopia?

Cultural, ethnical, and gender equality as visible expressions of inclusion and societal prosperity. To act as one race while exploring opportunities, technologies, and solutions for the benefit of humankind and sustaining our habitat. If it’s time travel, colonizing exoplanets, surpassing the speed limits of light, the end of illness or even overcoming death, uploading consciousness into the internet, or having a zero-sum fully sustainable ecosystem maintaining a 10+bn human population – whatever science-fiction narrative may come true, my hope is that, in the end, we all embrace we’re just humans: with body, mind, and soul. And with a responsibility for our children.

What was your first touch with the future?

In California, watching the plume and hearing the rumble over the horizon from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory from my school playground when I was eight years old. Color TV at home. Super-size, double-wing fridge – and a microwave that could magically warm stuff (from the inside!). At the time, watching Star Trek and adoring Spock as my idol. The 1973 animated movie “Fantastic Planet”. And the Star Wars premiere in a drive-in movie theater with my parents in a hot summer of 1977.

What does Moonshot Thinking means to you?

Bold, disruptive, taking responsibility, and be audaciously daring to question the norm – and focused on bringing change that truly matters. Likely our only option to tackle our greatest global challenges from pandemics to climate warming, from disrupting economies to bringing peace.

This inspired me the most…

As a kid, my school science book in California – I could stare at the atomic model for hours, wondering what kept the nucleus together and was fascinated by the description of NASA astronauts’ training in special “ovens”, underwater routines, and G-force accelerators. And the Tales of Marco Polo.

Later in life, Mind Children by Hans Moravec (1988) – inspiring me to think that humans may possibly be succeeded by machines as an evolutionary step. As we recreate “nature” as an artificial replica, we are recreating “life” as carbon copies in silicon. But there are so many great books in my library from MIT’s Nicolas Negroponte to Howard Rheingold’s Virtual Reality.

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