Futur/io | Marc Goldberg
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Marc Goldberg

Marc Goldberg

CEO, Maslow Capital

“By fostering a dialog on desirable futures, we can create the norms and moralities needed today and tomorrow for the digital humanities.”



Marc Goldberg is the founding partner of Maslow Capital Partners a global growth merchant bank focused on the information industry. 


Prior to founding Maslow, Marc was a founding member of the Reuters Greenhouse Fund and Occam Capital. He sold Occam Capital to Bryan Garnier & Co. to launch BGPI. Marc brings more than 20 years of investment experience in TMT Europe/USA with more than 50 transactions as principal and 50 transactions as adviser, as well as 15 years of IT operation background in Europe/ USA as the former Chief Architect of Reuters.


Marc is the executive producer and co-host of Kinnernet Europe an annual ”un-conference” where 200+ innovators gather to foster a global conversation on desirable futures. He completed a BS/MS at Paris VI University, Post Graduate studies at Stanford and IHEDN session 61. He is an avid explorer and long-distance runner.