Futur/io | Kathrin Haug
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Kathrin Haug

Kathrin Haug

Managing Director, Deloitte Garage GmbH

“Change is inevitable, progress is optional” – Digital transformation of industries is my homeground for more than 20 years, innovation and entrepreneurship my passion



Kathrin is a serial entrepreneur, having founded, scaled, and successfully exited several digital businesses (infoMedia, dgroup). She is an expert on digital innovation, with a very extensive international network of start-ups, incubators, accelerators, VCs, large corporations, and various digital thought leaders.

Kathrin is Managing Director of Deloitte Digital GmbH. She is also a member of the Leadership team of the Deloitte Garage, an innovation and digitization unit which partners with corporates to develop and implement their future digital strategies (in core and new business). She has led leadership teams from various industries (retail, FMCG, automotive, b2b, finance, etc.) through awareness (digital learning journeys, design thinking, agile prototyping, disrupt yourself sessions, etc.) and strategy sessions, and helped them to set up their transformation roadmaps.