Harald Neidhardt

Curator & CEO, Futur/io Institute
“We live in times of unprecedented change & opportunity. Together, we can create a new generation of European leadership for a better tomorrow.”

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Harald is passionate about meaning in technology, the future of exponential technologies and its opportunities for society, brands and entrepreneurs – especially in Europe. Together with a select group of an inspiring futurist faculty, leading corporate innovators and creative minds from startups & science, he has launched the Futur/io Institute, a new platform and community for global innovation leaders to help co-create a vision for desirable futures. A new part of the offering are Moonshot Thinking Masterclasse and Leadership training for Sustainable Innovation & Execution. He is an advisor to the UNFCCC Resilient Frontiers initiative and an expert member of the World Economic Forum workgroup on digital platforms & ecosystems projects. Harald is a Singularity University alumnus and is a keynote speaker on sustainable innovation at many international conferences, including TEDx (Hongkong, Hamburg, Marrakesh), SXSW, SingularityU Summit (NL/USA/DE), COP26, Wired, Next, MWC/4YFN and is a speaker at corporate executive events. → Read the interview at Innovator.news

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A podcast with Harald Neidhardt

In this episode of Track Two, co-host Sarah Howard speaks with Harald Neidhardt about the leadership role of the EU in the scope of ESG reporting.

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As CEO and curator of Futur/io Institute Harald Neidhardt has united the Faculty to consolidate the art and theory of Moonshot Thinking in the Moonshots for Europe Book, as well as initiated a practical approach to it in the Moonshot Thinking Masterclass, where he speaks about: 

  • Moonshot Thinking
  • Desirable Futures
  • Exponential Technologies

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