Dijana Galijasevic

Researcher & Co-founder 'EXPONENTIALLY HUMAN'

Futur/io faculty

Dijana finds meaning in cultivating human connections, inspiring others to bring out their true best, while being motivated to associate kind-awareness with universal human collaboration.

From a governmental role to co-founding a startup, she applied her interdisciplinary skills in innovation, creativity and kindness to create the world’s first international senior exchange. She became an organizational development enthusiast during her ESADE Master program and continued her journey at the Organizational Development program at Columbia University with the motivation to make working environments more human and companies more positively purposeful.

Positive Business Lab is inspiring organizations and individuals to find their genuine positive purpose, human-centered decision theory, bringing awareness to each change agent’s role in our world and educating future leaders. Moreover, it is exploring and experimenting with ways to connect purposeful leaders in order to build authentic businesses. Dijana delivers her interdisciplinary approach on purposeful leadership at Moonshot Thinking Masterclass, curated by Futur/io Institute. 

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