Bart de Witte

Founder, HIPPO Institute for Future Medicine

AI of the people, by the people and for the people, is the only way to maximise the benefits of AI for society.”

Futur/io faculty

Bart de Witte, is one of the leading and distinguished experts and at the same time one of the most progressive thought leaders for the digital transformation of healthcare in Europe. His focus is on developing alternative European strategies for the current postmodern world, His goal is to create a more equitable and sustainable society, and transform the health industry towards an industry that replaces IP on life saving knowledge with Open Access and competes on the experience economy level. He is the initiator of the HIPPO AI Foundation, an NGO in Berlin that aims to make artificial intelligence in medicine a common good. With his mission to use technology for the common good, Bart is on a mission to avoid future information asymmetries, reducing current and future inequalities in healthcare. He inspires and consults for-profit organisations within the healthcare sectors to transform and embrace radical open innovation methods to accelerate innovation and reduce R&D costs. He mentors a dozen digital health startups and lectures at various universities in Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria and China. He holds degrees from various universities in Belgium and has pursued several other post-university paths at national and international business schools, including Harvard Business School. The vision of Bart de Witte on desirable futures is featured in the Moonshots for Europe Book, created and curated by Futur/io Faculty. 

Bart de Witte talks in German and English about:

  • Radical Open Innovation
  • Open Sourced Artificial Intelligence
  • The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare
  • The Future of Healthcare
  • Social Robots
  • The State of AI in Pharma, beyond the Pill, Physicians and Visions

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What’s your personal utopia?

A digital society where life saving knowledge is available as a digital common good, and the economy transformed towards an experience economy.


What was your first touch with the future?

I wrote my first paper on AI being at high school back in 1989. As my high school teacher did not understood anything of what I wrote, I did not continue that path of interest. It was only 20 years later while working with IBM research in 2010 I regained interest in this topic, which has become my key topic of interest.

What does Moonshot Thinking mean to you??

Moonshot thinking is an approach to aim high and develop bold and ambitious visions that inspire others to follow-up on that vision and can impact the world. It’s the reverse of what most organisations think. They tend to think in 10% not in getting 10x bigger or better.


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