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Dr. Torsten Wingenter

Dr. Torsten Wingenter

Innovation & Transformation Catalyst

“If we want to create a future we all want to live in, then it’s not about tech, it’s about understanding how people want to live in a digital world! Human beings are best in being human and tech needs to support this!”



Dr. Torsten Wingenter is a travel-tech innovator, visionary entrepreneur and speaker for exponential business & corporate transformation (“tradition is not a strategy and digital not a project”). Besides his own entrepreneurial ideas & innovations (e. g. in travel-tech or AR in aviation & freight business), he advises corporates on how to transform their businesses to get ready for an exponential future. In this context, corporate learning is another passion of how he engages the workforce of a company to get prepared for and anticipate a digital world.


As former Senior Director Digital Innovations at Lufthansa Group, he was not only orchestrating the digital strategy of the premium airlines Austrian, Lufthansa and SWISS, but also innovating the travel, aviation and transportation industry for more than 10 years. As founder of the FlyingLab, he was taking innovation for airlines to literally 33.000 feet to create and experience the future of flying with this unique concept & live conferencing platform. Partners like Mercedes, SAP, Telekom etc. used this unique platform. Besides these lighthouse projects, his daily business was and still is to scout, evaluate and implement future technologies, especially in the travel & transportation sector, from chatbots, voice interfaces to robots or smart uniforms with wearable tech. Before making Lufthansa a VR/AR/MR pioneer in the industry, he built up one of the leading social media teams in the airline business. Torsten’s marketing background and digital innovations helped Lufthansa greatly to become recognized as the leader and most digital aviation group. He is driven by the idea that the future of travel & transportation is to re-think what is happening in captive spaces and how companies can create new categories of true value for their guests – beyond optimizing eating, drinking & watching movies.


As one of the leading thinkers on innovation in the travel, aviation & transportation sphere Torsten is cited by leading publications like New York Times, Handelsblatt, APEX etc., interviewed by TV channels N24 or NTV and worldwide speaking at leading events like MWC, DLD, dmexco, SXSW, CannesLions, Financial Times Aerospace Summit to name a few. Being a member of different leading digital initiatives (like Digitale Bewegung), he is also jury member of the German Marketing Award and one of the founding members of the Customer Experience Initiative of the German Design Council. Besides his publications and contributions to a range of books and scientific publications he is giving lectures at European universities about digital innovation & transformation and is post-grad examiner for Digital Marketing Specialists in Switzerland.