• 5 Lessons

    Biosphere: How to feed the planet with the resources we have

    <span style="font-weight: 400;">Our Biospheres are crucial to our existence, and how we treat them is how effective they will be in ensuring our survival. In this course you will understand our two major biospheres, life on land and below the sea, and how we can sustainably use them to fight global hunger and ensuring food supply chains. Hear from experts such as the Head of UN World Food Programme Innovation Accelerator, where he shows how he harnesses the technological paradigm shift to apply to the global south. We also close with a foresight lesson by a Future Synthesizer, who speculates based on current trends where the future of food is headed. </span>
  • 7 Lessons

    Climate Action: How to achieve the Climate Goals

    <p>Gain an action plan for meeting climate goals and best practices examples of business models that make a real impact.</p>