A Systemic Approach
to Sustainable Innovation

Our curriculum covers perspectives from various fields and industries,
ensuring a holistic learning experience in innovation, leadership and sustainable development.
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Drive Desirable Futures.

Exponential Leadership

Develop a purpose-driven, transformational mindset and catalyse the full human potential for innovative thinking towards concepts, that will be highly relevant in 10 years.

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Become an architect of the future.​


Systems Thinking ​

Drawing knowledge from practical case studies, learn methods and techniques from the field of architecture for envisioning and develop new work & leisure environments.

Expand your horizon.

Strategic Foresight

Foster transformative innovation by understanding new trends, technologies, and business models that have the potential to yield revolutionary products and markets.

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Learn, measure, build.

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Innovation Frameworks

Take away innovational frameworks for your company with focused learning, better measurement and faster development processes.

Design based on data.

Speculative Design

Identify global trends, risks and drivers and use them as levers to design products and services for markets of the future.


Transform your organisation.

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Cultural Transformation

Discover strategies and best practices used by successful businesses to create an organisational culture that drives innovation.

Take responsibility.

Sustainable Development

Gain a systemic understanding of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and learn how to incorporate them into your business model.


Unlock your leadership potential.

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Leading with Purpose

Understand why unlocking your leadership potential matters, the keys to unlocking your leadership potential, and how to exercise and practice these keys. 

Learn the art of influence.

Persuasive Storytelling

Guided by coaches in live workshops, you learn how to get the buy-in, willpower, and change needed to make your vision a reality.


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Deep dive into our topics.

Harald Neidhardt

The Big Metamorphosis

Melisa Arnautovic

Magnetic Influence

Pascal Morgan

Navigating Complexity

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