Corporate Programmes

Gain the competitive advantage needed to lead the future of your industry with our fully customised programmes.

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Step 1

Determine your desired outcome in collaboration with our Masterclass team.

Step 2

We plan the timeline, formats and curriculum, based on your desired outcome, for your selected participants.

Step 3

Collaborate with the masterclass team to optimise and finalise your custom programme.

Step 4

Once the project plan is set and a trial run completed, participants gain access to lectures, and if included, workshops.

Step 5

Participants receive validated certificates, life-long access to the Futur/io community platform, and a 1-year subscription to faculty ask-me-anything sessions

We provide customised educational training for enterprises in any country, sector or industry, on the topics of UN Sustainable Development Goals and Moonshot Thinking for innovation.


At Futur/io we’ve been working closely with the corporate world for many years, and know its needs, challenges and demands from up close. This backdrop experience grew in us an understanding of the potential and possibilities of education adapted to the needs of each enterprise.

Our customised corporate programmes consist of educational training for corporates operating in a variety of sectors, based on our Moonshot Thinking frameworks and methodology, as well as the UN Sustainable Development Goals – we bring in the right lecturers for your business, industry or sector, and craft the perfect programme for your team and needs.

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Our Faculty

Our high-class faculty is made of cross-talented innovators, futurists and sustainability leaders with a mature experience in education and business. It is through this innovative network that we have access to prime knowledge from across regions, disciplines, industries, and sectors, enabling us to provide specialised training and experiences that suit all needs and demands.

To see our full faculty, head over to our faculty page.

Success Stories

Since our beginning our partners include the United Nations Climate Change Secretariat (UNFCCC) with whom we collaborated to run a one week global Moonshot Thinking workshop with 100+ climate change experts during the UN Global adaptation week in Songdo, South Korea in 2019. We continue to advise the UNFCCC and their Resilient Frontiers initiative.

In our global collaboration with Red Bull, we adapted our Moonshot Thinking framework to an international ideas competition on desirable futures. We organised a week-long future literacy programme in Lisbon for young artist talents in film and creative industries. 

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Sustainable Innovation

At Futu/io we have gathered our knowledge and understanding of Sustainable Innovation and the UN Sustainable Development Goals on an online, self-paced training course Leader in Sustainable Innovation & Execution (LISIE) . The course is guided by 40+ experts from our faculty and provides exclusive content and learning material with the aim of getting everyone equipped to stay ahead of the sustainability demands of our planet and society.

We have developed this course with an ambitious goal –  that of providing companies with a base for their teams to start their journey into creating and applying innovative sustainability practices, that are aligned with the global efforts towards achieving the 17 goals designed by the UN.

Leader in Sustainable Innovation
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Moonshot Thinking

A term coined after John F. Kennedy’s ambition of landing a man on the moon within a decade, an idea seemingly daunting and unreachable that proved to us the power of imagination and will.

Moonshot thinking refers thus to an approach of choosing a huge, seemingly insurmountable problem and proposing a radical solution to that problem using disruptive technology & innovation.
At Futur/io we have developed our own Moonshot Thinking methodology, which we teach and help companies apply to their industries and challenges.

Customising Your Programme

We can work together with you to design training programmes and workshops that are the most suitable to solve your company’s needs. Whether it’s online, on-site, recorded sessions or live sessions, adding industry-specific lectures from members of our faculty that match your needed expertise, we got you covered.

Get in touch and Harald will take care of your request.

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Harald Neidhardt

CEO & Curator