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Corporate Programmes

In addition to our open class, we offer customized versions of the programme specific to your corporation, industry or country.

With our customized Masterclasses, we empower you to meet your own goals, support you in creating innovative leadership and executive training programmes, and offer additional services for growing projects. Moonshot Thinking helps your company to develop the UN Sustainable Development Goals implementation framework, foster intrapreneur spirit among your employees, and gain a competitive advantage in your industry. In collaboration with you as a partner, we curate the programme with select faculty members whose field of expertise match the needs of your organisation, industry or country, and develop workshops based on your specific desired outcome.  

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Step 1

Determine your desired outcome in collaboration with our Masterclass team.

Step 2

We plan the timeline, formats and curriculum, based on your desired outcome, for your selected participants.

Step 3

Collaborate with the masterclass team to optimise and finalise your custom programme.

Step 4

Once the project plan is set and a trial run completed, participants gain access to lectures, and if included, workshops.

Step 5

Participants receive validated certificates, life-long access to the Futur/io community platform, and a 1-year subscription to faculty ask-me-anything sessions

Our Products

The programme is adapted to your business model, KPIs and desired results. The curriculum is designed to foster intrapreneurship and provide the participants with frameworks, techniques and methodologies that enhance their professional capabilities as drivers of sustainable innovation.

The programme is customised based on your industry market, such as automotive, publishing, FMCG, international associations, medicine etc. Additional faculty members with expertise in your industry are brought in for live sessions, and workshops focus on industry-specific products and services.

The programme is designed for your specific country’s economy. Lectures are provided with subtitles in the native language, and we collaborate with local facilitators to foster an effective learning environment for participants.

Our premium partnership is open to organisations with common values and a long-term vision that involves sustainable, innovative futures. As a partner, you’ll be involved in our online as well as offline events, such as the Futur/io Davos reception and executive programmes.

This programme offers 8 weeks of content in 15 min classes taught by the best 40+ world-class experts in the field. Invest in your teams for the most important business transformation of this decade, and get equipped to seize future opportunities to come from the sustainability transition.

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Success Stories

Since our beginning our partners include the United Nations Climate Change Secretariat (UNFCCC) with whom we collaborated to run a one week global Moonshot Thinking workshop with 100+ climate change experts during the UN Global adaptation week in Songdo, South Korea in 2019. We continue to advise the UNFCCC and their Resilient Frontiers initiative.

In our global collaboration with Red Bull, we adapted our Moonshot Thinking framework to an international ideas competition on desirable futures. We organized a week-long future literacy programme in Lisbon for young artist talents in film and creative industries. 

UN Redbull

Prepare for the Future

Ready for the Moonshot Thinking Masterclass? Have a specific question about our corporate programmes that hasn’t been addressed on the website? Please, reach out with any questions — we look forward to answering your individual requirements.

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Corporate Programmes
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