Short Course

Biosphere: How to feed the planet with the resources that we have

2 Hours / 5 Speakers / Flexible Start

Discover how emerging food technology can help fight hunger and climate change and get inspired to challenge the status-quo of the established industry.
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About this course

Our Biospheres are crucial to our existence, and how we treat them is how effective they will be in ensuring our survival. In this course you will understand two major biosphere-related SDGs – life on land and below the sea, and how we can sustainably use them to fight global hunger and ensuring food supply chains.

Hear from experts such as the Head of UN World Food Programme Innovation Accelerator, where he shows how he harnesses the technological paradigm shift to apply to the global south. We also close with a foresight lesson by a Future Synthesizer who speculates based on current trends where the future of food is headed.

You will walk away with

Circle Design

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Course Outline

Who you will learn from

Bernhard Kowatsch

Head of World Food Programme Innovation Accelerator

Marika Azoff

Corporate Engagement Specialist, The Good Food Institute