Berlin / Executive Programme on Exponential Technologies – EP/ETM 002

What the programme covers

Learn about how to develop moonshot thinking and the impact of exponential technologies for your business strategy.

We will give you the strategic tools and insights with access to a new platform of European innovators.

The concept of exponential technologies is an emergent domain that is rapidly changing, and often charged by diverse predictions and concerns for what this will mean for the future of several industries:

  • Will established corporates lose the market to new players working more efficient and offering a better product or service, or will they learn to use the power of exponential technologies?
  • How will society and the citizens change when entire industries get disrupted and the way we think takes a turn we would not expect?
  • What will happen to old infrastructures which are left behind because of the speed of change?

By attending this programme, you will gain recourses and knowledge to craft your own exponential technology ventures. You will leave the programme equipped with the foundations to actively steer your strategy instead of just follow others.

DATE: April 9 – 11, 2018
COURSE DAYS: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
PLACE: Berlin

Programme Overview

Why Exponential Technologies?

Exponential technologies affect every industry much more comprehensive than any other technological shift in human history before. The term ‘exponential’ describes a global phenomenon which shifts the trajectory of social development from linear to exponential. That means, once an exponential technology reaches the point of no return the change is inevitable and therefore disruptively immersive for corporations and society.

Our programme helps you to become fully educated using exponential technologies to create moonshots for your company.

Module 1 – Intro on Futur/io and Exponential Technologies

You get to know our excellent faculty of futurists and innovators. The interweaving concept of exponential technologies, desirable futures, and moonshots will be introduced and discussed. You get an understanding of the fundamental structure of this new kind of thinking. This orientation seminar opens your mind for the next courses.

Dinner & Passion Talks

Module 2 – Learn to realize a moonshot project

A moonshot is visionary and ambitious idea designed for the next 10 to 20 years. Following such an uncertain future and convincing the right people needs strong arguments, deep knowledge, and the right tools.

Module 3 – Learn about AI, Quantum Computers, BioTech, and Nano Tech

A vision is always based on technologies. Here you learn about the technologies you need to know for your future success thinking. We give you deep insights about the latest exponential technolo- gies and let you know what you can expect from them.

Module 4 – Apply the knowledge and start creating moonshots

Aiming for a moonshot needs tools and a framework you can work with. In this seminar, you start to apply the freshly gained knowledge and start to shape the future guided by a real Head of Moonshot. You will learn from “world building”.

Module 5 – Desirable Futures: Ethics & Philosophy for Europe

How do exponential technologies change our European society? We discuss with experts on ethics, society needs, and the people who use the corporate’s moonshots and technologies.


Module 6 – Part I: How the transition into exponential technologies can happen

Exponential technologies are already in use in leading industries like mobility, health, and aerospace. Here you learn what is necessary to develop future proof business strategies and aerated foresight methods based on exponential technologies.

Module 6 – Part II: Deep Dive Workshop: Industry Application & Strategy

We give you the chance to talk to our faculty members and start-ups we will invite. You can ask anything and dive deeper into your professional field of interest.

Module 7 – Corporate Culture and how to implement a desirable future

Here you get the skills to implement your newly gained knowledge into an existing corporate culture.

Module 8 – Open Space for thoughts and ideas

Attending this module, you get the possibility shaping your own thoughts and ideas into a rough concept with professional guidance. The open space is a playground with no limits; take this time and apply your knowledge you have learnt before.

Issuing of the Certificates

Key Takey Aways

A detailed understanding of exponential technologies markets, and the strategies needed to master them. You will also gain the mental tools and frameworks required to predict and leverage technological developments anywhere in the world.

The ability to draft moonshot strategies and develop disruptive innovations based on exponential technologies. Appropriate tools and techniques, hypothesise about the effect of a new technology will have on future markets and your company development.

A certificate from futur/io institute to certify successful completion of the programme; a validation of your fresh knowledge and skills. With the certificate, you get an invitation to the exclusive alumni and faculty network community.