Before this decade is out - The Book

A collection of international voices inspiring action to solve the most pressing challenge of our decade: climate change.

We believe that all humans should commit to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of fighting the climate crisis and reaching the UN Sustainable Development Goals to save the Earth for our kids and future generations.

Harald Neidhardt,
CEO & Curator, Futur/io Institute

About the Book

“Before This Decade Is Out” is an international initiative by Futur/io Institute to mobilize our community to engage in committing to sustainable actions and climate goals within our decade to 2030 – to set the foundations for a sustainable habitat. We owe this to our future generations – and to ourselves.

This book is a collection of international voices, articles, excerpts, interviews, and statements from our community of thought leaders, climate ambassadors, shapers, and passionate individuals and experts.

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The goal of this book is to inspire humans towards action, and also be able to:

  • Capture a set of actionable insights on how to make a difference at scale in combatting the climate crisis
  • Identify key issues for leaders to understand and manage the challenge and opportunity 
  • Leverage a global community to agree on and provide scalable approaches balancing societal, governance, or private sector challenges

Meet some of the authors

Marc Buckley
Marc Buckley

United Nations Advisor, SDG Advocate

Jennifer Schenker
Jennifer Schenker

Founder & Editor-in-Chief, The Innovator

Alan Moore

Founder, Beautiful Business

Dr Jan Herrmann
Dr. Jan Herrmann

Partner & Sustainable Supply Chain Expert

Harald Neidhardt 2
Harald Neidhardt

Curator & CEO, Futur/io Institute

Cristian Citu
Cristian Citu

Digital Transformation Advisor, CHIEF.DIGITAL

Pascal Morgan

Founder & CEO, think.speak.transform.

Verena Augustin
Verena Augustin

Director, Sustainable Innovation

Rainer Kroker
Rainer Kroker

Partner & ESG Leader

Raphael Giegen Vitra
Raphael Giegen

Trendscout Future of Work Life & Learn

Thomas Demmler
Thomas Demmel


Dr Carsten Linz
Dr. Carsten Linz

Board of Advisors (NEB) - Member Executive Council, o9 Solutions, Inc.

You, me – it starts with every one of us.

60 years ago, John F. Kennedy set the goal of landing a man on the moon “before this decade is out”. They did not know how – but they knew it had to be done. Today, we all need to be as ambitious and save our planet. And unlike then, we do have a lot of insights, knowledge, and technologies at hand. We have advanced scientifically – gained a lot of insights and knowledge, developed new technologies and are globally connected.

Today, it seems, it is more about the commitment, more about our real-life contributions to enable the change we need.

This Book aims to raise awareness on this decade’s major climate crisis and inspire action on all levels, from individuals to communities, across industries, nations, and organizations.



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Sustainable Innovation

Developing new ideas, methods and products that suit the needs of today and temorrow.

Climate change


Big problems demand radical solutions and a bold, people and planet-centric leadership.

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Sustainable Development Goals

The blueprint for a better and more sustainable future for all.

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Building a Sustainable Future

Green architecture and urban planning - building a better future one brick at a time.

Voices from the book