Faculty Bio

“We can only create a desirable future if we are open to learn from each other, and we can only create a desirable future if we are open to lead the necessary change.”
Nicolai was first exposed to AI at the age of 15, when he tried to teach his Atari 1040 ST to think like a human through a BASIC program. That did not work out. In the 1990s he studied Business & Engineering at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and took courses in Genetic Algorithms for a second attempt at creating real AI. Again it did not work out.
In the meantime, he is heading The Deloitte Garage and serving as Chief Innovation Officer of Deloitte in the EMEA region. Through these roles, he is exposed to the question of how AI and other Tech Trends might replace our jobs – or how they could actually create new business opportunities.
Even more importantly, he was exposed to the following question: How can you transform a traditional corporate environment into a platform for innovation? This is much more about the human side of change than the technological side of change.
Nicolai thinks it is very important to build the future on the fundament of a well-educated society. He is a member of the board of “Initiative D21” and leads their group working on “Ethics in the digital world”. In his free time, he also likes to build fantastic desirable futures together with his four daughters and tons of Legos. And he loves to let his thoughts take journeys while he plays music or runs through the mud.