Faculty Bio

Subversive by nature, Monika challenges conventional frameworks, thoughts and ideas to generate fresh perspectives and bring future spaces into the now.

Working at the intersection of trends, technology, design and concept - and sometimes beyond. she facilitates future-oriented change processes. At numerous conferences and think tanks, Monika exchanges and expands her knowledge and tests new concepts and ideas, which she integrates into companies. She is always up for traveling and an adventure. If there is a mountain involved, even better.

Her purpose is to actively co-create the now, by enabling both, organisations as well as individuals to focus on their relevant, impactful topics and get them into doing. Leading the way towards an innovation-driven, sustainable and human-centric future.

Monika has recently published the Book Business Purpose Design introducing a Model, in order to help companies to establish a world-positive, human-centered and holistic entrepreneurial thinking.