Faculty Bio

Since 1992, Andreas has been active in the international technology business, with 26 years experience in technology, licensing business, digital entertainment, international marketing, sales and support, and international business development. He was worked in Europe, Russia, Middle East, Africa, Latin America and the USA. He looks back on many years of startup experience and incubation inside global corporations as well as his ventures when he himself was the entrepreneur.
Andreas worked for German, Japanese and American multinational companies and started his first company in 1999 in Munich. It was a wireless service provider for the logistics industry. He at Sony for more than a decade, and offered his expertise in various management functions, including managing director of Sony NetServices, the incubation lab of Sony Europe, with offices in Salzburg, Berlin and London. One key product was StreamMan, the first mobile music streaming service (similar to Spotify) launched 2004 in Finland with TeliaSonera on 3G, and marketed by the Vodafone Group as RadioDJ. He also was MD for Real Networks EMEA for more than three years. From 2010 to 2016, Andreas led the international business of Dolby Laboratories as President Dolby International (based in Amsterdam and London) and successfully expanded the business in all areas, and opened new offices in Dubai, Moscow, and Madrid.
Since 2017 Andreas, has been growing his newest initiative, Silicon Castles: A Strategic Business Accelerator for technology IP licensing businesses. The Silicon Castles’s stated goals are:

  • Transforming ideas into intellectual property and scaleable products.
  • Leading growth from initial opportunities to global success.
  • Educating and Mentoring talents and teams to become top class performers.
Silicon Castles is focusing on talents, entrepreneurs and startups from Europe, now starting in Salzburg (the first castle) and will later be establishing a network of Silicon Castles in Europe because “We have the talents and educational base for innovation.” Silicon Castles is creating a “Silicon Valley-esque environment“ with global innovation and IP mindset for global business development.
Andreas also founded the Startup Executive Academy — a top-class Executive Education for founders and startup executives in the Castle of Urstein in Salzburg, Austria. Lead professor is Baba Shiv from Stanford Graduate School of Business. In 2018, Silicon Castles will offer an executive education for Corporate Executives, a Corporate Executive Academy.
Andreas also serves as Executive Chairman of Authentic Vision, member of the Board of Mimi Hearing Technologies and Research Studios Austria and is advisor to the rector of the Fachhochschule Salzburg.