Futur/io | Alps 2020
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Alps 2020

/Executive Programme – Moonshots for Europe

By attending the Executive Programme you will gain resources and knowledge to craft an own Moonshot venture – we want to un-learn your current state of mind and help you to receive a totally new way to think futures. You will leave the programme equipped with the foundations to actively steer your personal strategy instead of just follow others. Moonshot Thinking will be a core element of the programme. 


Our intense courses will transform your mind and heart to be ready to make an impact on this planet. It gives your perfect arguments to convince your team and colleagues to go a step further and make the unthinkable possible: Desirable Futures for all of us. Over the course of 2.5 days you will work on your own Moonshot Challenge in a setting of co-creation and future thinking energies. The best Moonshot Challenge will be chosen and awarded with a free ticket for the invite-only CxO Programme in Venice.

Gain Access

/Key Takeaways

Attendies look forward to:


Inspiring Talks
Get a comprehensive understanding about exponential technologies, and insight on proven Moonshot projects. Learn from the failures of others, and understand the success factors in the new ecosystem of the digital age.


Exclusive Networking
Extend your cross-industry network with like minded, forward-thinking CxOs, Founders and Futurists. Find synergies for the success of your company and draft Moonshot strategies in the European corporate context.


Enriching Workshops
Acquire the tools and techniques needed to develop and execute Moonshot strategies and disruptive innovations based on Futur/io’s Moonshot Framework – and how to play an active role in building desirable futures.


Relaxed Atmosphere
Experience our exclusive, casual atmosphere and relaxed stage, which foster a deep state of optimism, inspiration and motivation. Discover new insights while walk-and-talk sessions with peers from other industries.

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