Aix-en-Provence 2022 Tribe

Get in touch with your peers to build impactful, long-lasting connections.

We had a wonderful 2,5 days together, now it’s time to join forces and bring these connections further to co-imagine and co-create desirable futures. 

Thank you for joining this regenerative tribe – we look forward to future encounters!

The Participants

Fraser Robertson Aix-en-Provence
Fraser Robertson

Prolific Futurist & Cultural Brand Strategist

Catherine Bischoff Aix-en-Provence
Catherine Bischoff

CEO at Sovereign Nature Initiative

David Korte Aix-en-Provence
David Korte

Innovations thinker, Die-Holokratie

Rita Nabeiro Aix-en-Provence
Rita Nabeiro

CEO, Adega Mayor

Ema Barba Aix-en-Provence
Ema Barba

Founder at Bright Living | Social Impact Award Alumna

Claas Nieraad
Claas Nieraad

Managing Director, New Commercial Room GmbH

Teuta Bakalli Aix-en-Provence
Teuta Bakalli

Founder of Cleantech360

Benoît Bailliart Aix-en-Provence
Benoît Bailliart

CSO of Bovlabs

Carolin Güthenke Aix-en-Provence
Carolin Güthenke

Head of Marketing Communications and CRM, Mercedes-Benz Mobility AG

Gerhard Blechinger Aix-en-Provence
Gerhard Blechinger

Rektor, Fachhochschule Salzburg GmbH

Pascal Morgan Aix-en=Provence
Pascal Morgan

Founder & CEO, think.speak.transform.

Jodok Batlogg Aix-en-Provence
Jodok Batlogg

Co-Founder and CEO,

Tobias Martetschlaeger Aix-en-Provence
Tobias Martetschlaeger

Founder and CEO, Global Changer

Finn Rieder Aix-en-Provence
Finn Rieder

Founder, Wendero

Jacqueline Casini Aix-en-Provence
Jacqueline Casini

Senior Director Corporate Communications, Lufthansa

Anne-Laure Brison Aix-en-Provence
Anne-Laure Brison

Product Sustainability Leader, Sartorius

Nihat Dal Aix-en-Provence
Nihat Dal

Head Of Sales bei Broadway NYC Fashion GmbH

Zoe Phoenix Aix-en-Provence
Zoe Phoenix


The Speakers

Nadine Michalske Aix-en-Provence
Nadine Michalske

Founder & Chief Solutions Officer, Klima Metrix

Ricardo Mesquita Aix-en-Provence
Ricardo Mesquita

Advisor & Former Head of Innovation, NOVA Business School

Maks Giordano Aix-en-Provence
Maks Giordano

Futurist, Futur/io

Nancy Birkhölzer Aix-en-Provence
Nancy Birkhölzer

Director, Sustainable Innovation, PwC

Cecilia MoSze Tham Aix-en-Provence
Cecilia MoSze Tham

Head of Principal + Future Synthesist

Ophelie Dubois Marteau Aix-en-Provence
Ophelie Dubois Marteau

Facilitator & Coach, Ophélie Dubois Studio

Elise Harper Aix-en-Provence
Elise Harper

Manager, Sustainable Innovation, PwC

Marc Buckley Aix-en-Provence
Marc Buckley

United Nations Advisor, SDG Advocate

Nierika Hamaekers Aix-en-Provence
Nierika Hamaekers

Learning Coach & Facilitator

Sabela Garcia Cuesta Aix-en-Provence
Sabela Garcia Cuesta

NFT Artist and Community Builder

Isabella Phoenix Aix-en-Provence
Isabella Phoenix

Global Head of Channel Enablement and Sustainability, HP

Lisa Lang Aix-en-Provence
Lisa Lang

Director Policy & EU Affairs Orchestrator, EIT Climate KIC

Bettina Petzold Aix-en-Provence
Bettina Petzold

Global Head of Marketing, Lufthansa Cargo AG

Laban Coblentz Aix-en-Provence
Laban Coblentz

Head of Communication, ITER Organization

The Futur/io Team

Harald Neidhardt Aix-en-Provence
Harald Neidhardt

Curator & CEO, futur/io Institute

Stephan Oehl Aix-en-Provence
Stephan Oehl

Chief Commercial Officer, futur/io Institute

Marie Tröster Aix-en-Provence
Marie Tröster

Head of Events, futur/io Institute

Luciana Prestes Aix-en-Provence
Luciana Prestes

Head of Marketing, futur/io Institute

Alexa Wirtz Aix-en-Provence
Alexa Wirtz

Community Manager, futur/io Institute

Gabriela Müller Aix-en-Provence
Gabriela Müller

UX Designer, futur/io Institute

Laura Korculanin Aix-en-Provence
Laura Korčulanin

Co-Curator & Event Manager, futur/io Institute

Cristian-Alexandru Ioan Aix-en-Provence
Cristian-Alexandru Ioan

Video Producer, futur/io Institute